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Since 2008-01-21
If you want to contribute to my site there are many ways you can support my cause.

1. The first and most important is cash donations! If you want to make one shoot me an email. Procedes will go exclusively to the cost of site maintenence and expanding my collection of Sylvania gear and documention.

2. More donations! If you have any Sylvania gear you're willing to part with and would like it to be a part of my collection it is quite welcome. Also if you have ANY kind of Sylvania documention, user, service, brochures, ads, etc, they will be most appreciated!
Donated gear will be repaired and cleaned up if nessesary and then photographed for the site. Documentation will, time permiting, be scanned and made available for all users of this site via high quality pdf's.

3. Bid on my eBay Auctions. I don't list stuff as often as I like but most of those procede's are used to expand my Sylvania collection.

4. Tell a Friend! More visitors is always a plus. ;) I don't have any ads in place so more visitors doesn't gain me revenue, however that's not really what this site is about.

5. Have your own site? Link to me! Audio related sites are prefered and I'm happy to link back to your site if it is audio related.

That's about it. You can email me at [email protected].